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I often get questions about the video equipment I use to produce my video journals, and the settings that I use on my cameras. To help answer those questions, I created a page on my site that details each piece of equipment I use, my preferred settings, and where to buy it. 

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Colorado Plateau 2018: Day 7

Here is my Day 7 video from my Spring trip a couple days ahead of when it goes live on YouTube. I was able to use the rainy conditions to my advantage and expose a couple sheets of film. I'm not in love with the photos, but it certainly felt good to click the shutter after several days of just wandering around. Thanks as always for watching!

Colorado Plateau 2018: Day 6

On the 6th day of my trip, I set out into Capitol Reef to scout for new subjects. The weather became a little bit of an issue, but I made the most of it.

Colorado Plateau 2018: Day 5

On the 5th day of my trip, I woke up in Capitol Reef National Park, and set out to explore some areas that I hadn't been to before. This marks my 3rd annual visit to this very interesting national park. I look forward to exploring it for many years to come.

Colorado Plateau 2018: Day 4

To be honest, not a heck of a lot happened on day 4 of my spring trip. This day marked the end of my backpacking trip, and I made the drive to my next location: Capitol Reef National Park.

Colorado Plateau 2018: Day 3

On the third day of my spring trip, I awoke in the canyon, then set out to find some more subjects. I think on future trips, I will find a way to carry just two film holders, and a box of film along with a film changing bag. It is so easy to burn through all my film in just a couple days.

Colorado Plateau 2018: Day 2

On the second day of my spring trip to Southern Utah, I got an early start, and made the 7 mile trek into a canyon that I visited for the first time last year. I carried with me 5 film holders, which allowed me to take a maximum of 10 photos over the course of the multi-day backpacking trip. Thanks for watching and sharing!

Colorado Plateau 2018: Day One

Here is my day 1 video journal from my spring of 2018 visit to the Colorado Plateau. This is a backpacking trip that I spent many months getting ready for. In this first video, I setup the trip, and share my thoughts on the experience of going on a solo landscape photography adventure. Thank you everyone for watching, sharing, and subscribing. I really appreciate it!

Pixel Peeping a 709 Megapixel Scan

Recently a good friend of mine Michael Strickland purchased a very high resolution drum scanner. I sent him some film to scan, and he did an experiment where he scanned one of my sheets of film at 709.6 megapixels. To do this, he had to scan it in multiple pieces, then assemble it in photoshop. This would be impractical for most situations, but it was a good test of what's possible. First, here is a web sized version of the file.

Taken with an Arca Swiss F Metric 8x10 Camera with a Nikkor 150mm SW lens on Fuji Velvia 50

Taken with an Arca Swiss F Metric 8x10 Camera with a Nikkor 150mm SW lens on Fuji Velvia 50

I recently posted a video where I shared some 100% crops of this image, and talked about the challenges of setting the focus and lens movements for this photo. Since I have an older computer monitor and my screen capture resolution isn't very high, I figured I would post some 100% samples for people to check out. See if you can figure out where these crops were taken from. Please Click on the photos to view them at 100%

Finally, here is the video where I talk about the drum scan, and what I learned from it. If you are interested in having your film drum scanned, please reach out to Michael. He did a great job with my film.

Colorado Plateau 2017: Day Seven

On my final day of my trip, I returned to a few locations I had a feeling would make for good subjects. I photographed a total of 3 subjects. Thanks as always for following my journey, and I look forward to sharing my next trip!

Insurmountable  | Ebony RW810 | Fuji 600C Lens | Velvia 50 8x10 | One second @ f/45

Insurmountable | Ebony RW810 | Fuji 600C Lens | Velvia 50 8x10 | One second @ f/45

Colorado Plateau 2017: Day Six

On the sixth day of my trip, I awoke to cloudy skies. I needed clear skies for reflected light, so I decided to take a tour of the East side of the park. This is an area I didn't get a chance to see last year because all the rain would have made the roads impassible. Thanks as always for following my journey!

Colorado Plateau 2017: Day Five

On the fifth day of my trip to the Colorado Plateau, I set out to photograph a tree I had scouted out the day before. Thanks for watching and sharing!

Sandstone & Juniper |  Ebony RW810 | Fujinon 600C Lens | Fuji Velvia 50 | Several seconds @ f/45

Sandstone & Juniper | Ebony RW810 | Fujinon 600C Lens | Fuji Velvia 50 | Several seconds @ f/45

Colorado Plateau 2017: Day Four

On the forth day of my spring trip to Southern Utah, I get an early start and grab a camp site in Capitol Reef National Park, track down the dollar bill I hid in the park last year, then set out in search of a subject to point my camera at. Thanks for watching and sharing!

Colorado Plateau 2017: Day Three

It was on Day three of my spring trip that I emerged from my bivy to find a wonderful display of high clouds in the morning. Typically this would be to the delight of most landscape photographers, but my goal for this backpacking trip was to photograph subjects in beautiful reflected light. In order for that to happen, I need to have cloudless skies. The weather forecast showed a good chance of sunny skies in the morning, followed by clouds and a slight chance of rain in the afternoon. 

Seeing how the morning conditions looked best for reflected light, I returned to a very cool looking Juniper tree I had scouted the day before. I have a very limited ability to carry film on these backpacking trips, and without knowing which film would be more useful, I brought 4 sheets of Fuji Velvia, and 4 sheets of Kodak Ektar. I exposed half of my Velvia the day before, so I was only left with 2 sheets of Fuji Velvia.

Thanks for watching and sharing!

Life Force:  Fuji Velvia 50 8x10 | Fujinon 300c | Ebony RW810 | 3 seconds @ f/45 | No Filters

Life Force: Fuji Velvia 50 8x10 | Fujinon 300c | Ebony RW810 | 3 seconds @ f/45 | No Filters

Of the two sheets of film that I exposed, I was thankful to have wonderful reflected light in the second. When I post my film reveal video at the end of this trip, you will be able to see the two different sheets of film, one with strong reflected light, the other with weak reflected light. The quality of light is so important when it comes to photography, and I am very glad that I made the decision to expose my final sheet of Velvia 50 on this subject.

Colorado Plateau 2017: Day Two

On the second day of my Spring trip to Southern Utah, I wake up at the trailhead, and prepare my backpacking gear for my journey. The weather forecast was a mixed bag, so I had to be prepared for a variety of conditions.

My video kit on the backpacking trip was a Canon G7XII with 2 batteries, and a small Goal Zero solar panel for charging. This worked very well, and I will definitely use this setup on future backpacking trips when it's important to shed weight. The only other change I might do is add a tiny audio recorder and lav mic for better audio at times. That is the real challenge when working with a video camera without a mic input.

Since the water is very silty in these parts and difficult to filter, I decided to try out the Katadyn Micropur tablets. These worked incredibly well. They were fast to use, and didn't give the water a bad taste. I will be using these tables again on future trips because they are very lightweight.

My overall pack weight was just under 60lbs, which isn't bad given that was using my Ebony RW810 instead of the lightweight Ritter 8x10 that was destroyed on my winter trip. Next year when I return to this canyon, I will have an Intrepid 8x10 which should shave another 6lbs off my pack when you also take into consideration the use of a lighter tripod head.

Thanks as always for following along on my Journey!

Unbroken : Fuji Velvia 50 8x10 | Fujinon 600C | Ebony RW810 | 2 seconds @ f/45 | No Filters

Unbroken: Fuji Velvia 50 8x10 | Fujinon 600C | Ebony RW810 | 2 seconds @ f/45 | No Filters

This is the photo I shot on day 2 of my spring trip. It was only after naming the photo that I realized a greater significance to the title. I was drawn to this tree because of its imperfect nature, and its will to survive despite the greater half of it being splintered and falling to the ground. I came up with the title "Unbroken" because despite being shattered, the tree was still thriving. The title has a greater meaning in that this was the first photo taken with my "Unbroken" Ebony RW810 camera after a good friend repaired it for me after it had been heavily damaged on my winter trip to Death Valley.

Colorado Plateau 2017: Day One

In late April 2017, I returned to the Colorado Plateau for my annual spring trip. I absolute love exploring southern Utah, and I started this trip with a backpacking trip to a canyon that I had never visited. In the research leading up to this trip, I found very few photos from this canyon so I didn't know what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Here is my first video journal from my Spring trip to the Colorado Plateau. Thank you as always for following along on the journey!

Death Valley 2017: Unfinished Business

As I'm sure some of you are aware, I made a return trip to Death Valley to try and give that trip the proper ending it deserved. This video tells the story of my return trip, and the photos I captured. Make sure you stick around to the end. Thanks for watching and sharing!

Winter 2017 Film Reveal

This is the video where I share all of my film from my winter trip. You see it as I saw it for the first time, and I share some additional stories about the experience of taking these photos.