Secret Giveaway: My 2018 Portfolio Box Set

Thank you so much for watching my video journals, following my journey, commenting, subscribing, and being part of the community. I do these secret giveaways from time to time to reward those of you who frequently watch my videos.

This week, I am giving away a free copy of my 2018 Portfolio Box Set. The box set will include somewhere between 10 and 12 photos, depending on the success of my fall trip to Zion. Each photo is printed on a hand-trimmed, initialed, and numbered 8x10” sheet of Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper. Also included is a signed and numbered title sheet, and an information sheet about the images. All materials included are archival, and safe for long term storage.

What if you have already preordered a copy of my box set? Should you still enter to win? Yes! If the winner of this giveaway has already ordered a copy of the box set, they will be given the option to upgrade the prize to a free 16x20 print of their choice. Pretty cool huh?

I have already selected the winner of the box set. Thank you everyone who entered! Be sure to watch my youtube channel in the near future when I announce the winner.