Giveaway: 2019 Portfolio Box Set

First and foremost, thanks so much for following my youtube channel. I truly appreciate those of you who watch on a regular basis, write insightful comments, and make helpful suggestions. I do my best to reply to everyone.

I disabled the ads on my youtube channel almost 5 years ago, and the difference has been a breath of fresh air. With the ads turned off, I’m no longer rewarded by the number of views, but rather the quality of the viewership. This is why I don’t produce clickbait videos designed to attract attention. Instead, I depend entirely on your support from voluntary contributions, along with the sales of prints, portfolio box sets, and ebooks. I am truly grateful for each contribution, and each order. Thank you so much!

In my recent video, I discussed the details of my upcoming 2019 Portfolio Box Set, a collection of my absolute best work from 2019. The box set will ship in late November, and I am prepared to ship the first 100 in time for Christmas. At the time of writing this, 49 copies of the edition of 150 have already sold.

As mentioned in that video, I am giving away a free copy of my 2019 Box Set. What if you already purchased a copy of my box set? Should you still enter to win?

Yes! If the winner has already ordered a copy of my 2019 box set at the time of the drawing, they will have the choice of winning a second box set, or an upgraded prize of a 16x20 print of their choice.

The winner will be selected on Saturday, October 5th on my youtube channel. Both international and domestic entries are welcome.

UPDATE: The Winner has already been selected, and will be announced on October 5th on my Youtube Channel. Thank you everyone who entered!