Secret Giveaway: Velvia 50 120 Film

Thank you so much for watching my video journals, following my journey, commenting, subscribing, and being part of the community. I do these secret giveaways from time to time to reward those of you who frequently watch my videos, and who have a keen eye.

Two weeks ago, I won some free film from FujiFilm's Pro 120 and 35mm film account: @fujifilm_profilm. I used the hashtag #ishootfujifilm in a post, and was entered in a contest that I didn't even know about. As a prize, they send me 10 rolls of Velvia 50 in the 120 format, and 5 rolls of Velvia 50 in the 35mm format. It was great to win their weekly contest, but I don't own a 35mm or medium format camera to use the film with. As a result, I am giving the film away to multiple people via several secret giveaways.

This is the first giveaway in the series, and up for grabs is a box of 5 rolls of Velvia 50 in the 120 format. All I ask in return for entering this giveaway is that you help spread the word about my youtube channel. I depend on word of mouth to grow my channel since I avoid clickbait and have ads disabled. I appreciate everything you guys have done to help spread the word about my channel. It's because of you guys that I'm able to offer these giveaways, and I plan on doing many more in the future.

The winner has already been selected for this giveaway, and will be announced on my youtube channel in the near future.