Secret Giveaway: My Sekonic 558 Spot Meter 


Thank you so much for watching my video journals, following my journey, commenting, subscribing, donating, and being part of the community. To show my gratitude I conduct secret giveaways from time to time. I don't promote these giveaways on social media — it is only for those that avidly watch my channel.

My latest secret giveaway is my very own Sekonic 558 spot meter. I have used this meter ever since I started shooting large format in 2009. It is fully functional, and I used it most recently on my fall 2017 trip to Zion. On that trip the main dial fell off, though you can still turn it just fine to adjust your settings.

For the past couple years, I've had a Sekonic 758 waiting in the wings as a backup. After losing the mail dial on the 558, I figured it was time to start using the 758, and give away my 558 to someone who could put it to use.

The meter is fully functional, incredibly accurate, and has accompanied me on every photo trip I've gone on. It certainly shows many signs of use, but in a classy kind of way.

All I ask in return for entering the giveaway is that you help spread the word about my youtube channel and please follow me on my various social media accounts (twitter, instagram, etc). Please tell a friend or a neighbor about my channel, or mention it on photo forums if anyone asks for suggestions of what to watch. I depend on word of mouth to grow my youtube channel, and if I get enough eyes on this content, I might be able to do this full time someday. 


Thank you everyone who entered to win my meter! I am done taking entries at this time, and will announce the winner very soon on my youtube channel. There were a total of 102 entries to win my Sekonic 558 meter!