2018 Portfolio Box Set (Preorder)


2018 Portfolio Box Set (Preorder)


Back in 2013, I created a book that chronicled my photographic endeavors that year. There was something about seeing the work printed and bound in a book that was very rewarding. I offered it for sale, and much to my surprise, it quickly sold through the modest edition of only 20 books.

The yearly portfolio book continued until 2016, and was reinvented as a unique box set in 2017. The box set was a success, and the edition of 125 sold through in only 6 months. I learned a lot from making last years box set, and am excited to announce that the 2018 will be in an edition of 200. I have secured all the materials I will need to handcraft each box set, and I started work on the production in June of 2018.

The box and all materials used are acid free for long term storage. Each photo is printed on a hand-trimmed 8x10" sheet of Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper with a thin white border. The box can be displayed on a bookshelf, on a coffee table, or individual photos can be framed if you wish. It's all up to you.

The final number of photos for the 2018 box set has yet to be determined because I have not gone on my fall trip yet, but at this point in time, I have already selected 8 images from my winter and spring trips. I anticipate 10 to 12 prints total in the box set.

Each box set includes a title page that is individually signed and numbered, as well as an information sheet printed on vellum. Each photo is initialed and numbered on the back as part of the series. The portfolio box set is wrapped in a hand-glued sleeve that is printed on Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

Thank you as always for your interest in my work. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. This is something that I'm very proud of, and I think you'll love it too! Thank you for the support everyone!

Included Images:

Before The Storm
Layers & Light
Leaves & Frost
A Love Story
Cottonwood & Sandstone

Tiered Pricing:

Box Set 1 - 50: $129
Box Set 51 - 100: $139
Box Set 101 - 150: $149
Box Set 151 - 200: $159

I hope to start shipping preorders in the order they were received starting in late November. All the other photos from my winter and spring trip have already been produced, it’s just a matter of selecting the images from my upcoming fall trip.

What customers said about last year’s box set:

"Sometimes it’s more than the photographs. Sometimes it’s the story, or the person behind the image. In Ben’s case, it’s both. The images will stand on their own but if you take the time to hear the stories; the natural, unhurried pace of an artist at work, I’m sure, like me, you’ll get so much more from them. The 2017 portfolio of eleven 8x10 (of course!) images comes in a simple, clean, numbered presentation box coupled with translucent parchment describing each image with the title, place, film and lens. A nice touch and is reflective of Ben’s commitment to his art and the respect and gratitude he has for his customers. I have books and prints from many photographers and Ben’s 2017 and earlier portfolios are as prized as any."

Joseph S. | California

“When I first heard that Ben was not going to publish a book this year I was disappointed. I decided to order his alternative, the box set of photographs. I was not disappointed. The box itself was classy and of high quality. As expected the prints were inspiring and printed on paper that I keep wanting to feel with my fingers. I could not be happier with the set. Thanks Ben for your commitment to quality.”

Larry L. | Iowa

"I knew a few images from your video's, but seeing them on paper is something else completely! You did make the right choice for the heavy archive type paper. The photo's feel great, color and detail is just awesome. I work on 8x10" film too, so I know the technical quality you can archive with this format. But what stuns me in your work is the composition, the feel of the landscape, the emotion of intimacy, of really being there. Looking forward to your work in 2018!"

Paul W. | Netherlands

"In this age of disposable, filtered, Instagrammed, low-resolution photography, it’s rare to come across a piece of work made with the same personal care and attention as Ben Horne’s 2017 Portfolio Box Set. Ben’s YouTube channel shows the efforts he goes to in order to reach his locations, the thought and consideration that he puts into his compositions, and the technical excellence that he deploys, but its only when you hold the prints in your hand that you can really appreciate the holistic quality of his work. Here is a photographer who is in total control of his medium and with an unequalled knowledge of his subject matter. I will value Ben’s 2017 portfolio for many years to come."

Peter T. | Northern Ireland

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