Secret Giveaway: Nikon SW 75mm f/4.5

Thank you so much for watching my video journals, following my journey, commenting, subscribing, and being part of the community. To say thank you, I am giving away a mint condition Nikon Super Wide 75mm f/4.5 4x5 lens on a recessed Linhof-type lens board. I purchased this lens for use on my 4x5 kit, but I've since decided to put all of my efforts into shooting 8x10. Rather than selling this lens on Ebay, I have decided to give it away. This lens is compatible with 4x5 cameras, and gives a very wide angle view.

In return for offering this giveaway, all I ask is that you do your best to help spread the word about my youtube channel. Word of mouth is VERY important, and it allows me to grow the channel. Being able to do this full time would be my dream job, but I know its possible with enough dedication and hard work.

The winner has been selected, and will be announced on Tuesday, September 26 via my youtube channel. Thank you everyone who entered this Secret Giveaway!