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I've been filming video journals of my shooting trips since late 2009. It began as a very simple endeavor - a Canon Powershot Elph camera held at arms length, and a few clips spliced together with iMovie. These video journals were meant to supplement written entries on my blog, and relay the experience of each solo shooting trip to family and friends. After a year or so, I developed a small audience of loyal viewers who enjoyed the experience of each trip. Now days, I am fortunate to have over 38,000 subscribers to my free Youtube Channel, with over 2.7 million overall views. If you want to watch some of my first videos, please check out my Video Journal Archive.

Though shooting stills on my 8x10 is my priority, I've taken steps over the years to increase the quality of my video content, and also to improve my story telling skills. My video journals are available for free through my YouTube Channel with no strings attached. I have disabled the ads on all of my recent videos to help with the viewing experience, so I rely entirely on the support of viewers. All I ask is if you enjoy this content, please return the favor by telling a friend, subscribing to my Youtube Channel, and considering a voluntary contribution of just $24 per year to help support my journey.

Please use the Paypal links below if you wish to contribute. If you would like to contribute on an ongoing basis, the "Automatic Subscription" option will allow you to contribute $24 each year. You can cancel this at any point in your Paypal account. The "One Time Donation" will take you to a page where you can enter any amount you wish for a one time donation.

Another way to help support me is through the affiliate links to and B&H Photo listed below. Purchases made through this page will help to support me. Thank you for helping me to do what I love, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. You guys rock! 


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