Composition and Storytelling eBook


Composition and Storytelling eBook


In this 38 page eBook, I dig deep into my own creative process, and identify the various tools I use to find subjects, and create effective compositions. I also discuss the importance of storytelling, and give some suggestions on how to improve that aspect of your own photography. At the end of the ebook, I include 7 case studies of some of my favorite photos, and I share the thought process that I used to create them.

I have put a lot of time and effort into this ebook, and I think you will enjoy it. The ebook can be purchased directly from my website, and downloaded as a PDF file that can be viewed on your computer, your phone, or on a tablet.


Introduction: (3 Pages)
Chapter 1: My Approach to Composition (7 Pages)
Chapter 2: The Power of Storytelling (6 Pages)
Chapter 3: Principles of Composition (13 Pages)
Chapter 4: Compositional Case Studies (9 Pages)


Format: PDF
Pages: 38
File Size: 27MB

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