What customers said about my 2018 Box Set

“I received my boxed set of prints a few days ago and I wanted to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed. The quality of the actual box, the sleeve that wraps the box, the descriptive notes and the hand written thank you note demonstrates your incredible attention to detail. There is something special about holding the actual prints in my hand while watching the videos you made while taking those photographs. It inspires me to go out and take more photographs.”

Larry L. | Iowa

"I just received your 2018 portfolio box and greatly enjoyed studying the compositions...wow, just gorgeous! I appreciate fine quality and your work, and the portfolio presentation, are simply top notch in my book. I have followed your photography for a few years now and I always look forward to your video journals, and of course the reveals of your masterfully composed images. I know I will keep returning to this box set for inspiration. I wish I had not missed the 2017 box...but will anticipate the one for 2019. Keep up the great work!"

Slavomir & Heather | Washington

“I made sure to buy the 2018 [Box Set] as soon as they were released back in August. I waited in eager anticipation until it finally arrived in late November and was truly blown away with the quality. Truth-be-told, I didn’t want to open it for a while – the box itself is just that nice to look at and present, say, on a book shelf. Alas, I did end up opening it and was further blown away by the quality.

The first item I noticed was an envelope with my name written on it; inside was a handwritten note with a personalized “thank-you” message. It is truly amazing just how good such a small thing can make you feel. Diving further into the box you’ll find the prints, encased within a protective, clear bag. This year’s set includes 12 photos from 3 trips. Before each set of prints is a semi-transparent sheet of paper which provides not only the titles and technical details but also a handwritten artist statement (summary?) of Ben’s feelings of the images and trip.

The prints themselves…well they’re just absolutely stunning. It is one thing to watch the photographs pop up on the screen while watching Ben’s videos or scrolling through social media, but to hold them and especially to frame and hang them is totally different. You get so much more of a personal, emotional connection to them. You can almost feel yourself getting lost in the scenery, feeling what Ben himself felt while exposing that image.

Ben – you have truly outdone yourself with this. The massive amount of time you have spent personalizing each and every one of these box sets and meticulously putting them together shows itself in the breathtaking quality and beauty. I excitedly look forward to the 2019 box set and can only expect the absolute best of it.

To those reading this – do yourself a favor and get one before they run out. You won’t regret it.”

Cody S. | Pennsylvania

“I’m sitting here, coffee in hand, admiring Ben Horne’s latest portfolio collection. I thought for sure my favorite this year would have been from his Zion Day 1 video, “A Quiet Moment,” but I was wrong. This year it’s “A Love Story.” Two trees, one bleached and stripped bare, accepting the enduring embrace of another, whose denuded branches offer needed, lasting support. As he often says in his videos Ben likes an image that tells a story, this one will be telling its story for years to come. It's a beautiful image; graceful in its composition; indelible”

Joseph S. | California