Colorado Plateau 2017: Day Two

On the second day of my Spring trip to Southern Utah, I wake up at the trailhead, and prepare my backpacking gear for my journey. The weather forecast was a mixed bag, so I had to be prepared for a variety of conditions.

My video kit on the backpacking trip was a Canon G7XII with 2 batteries, and a small Goal Zero solar panel for charging. This worked very well, and I will definitely use this setup on future backpacking trips when it's important to shed weight. The only other change I might do is add a tiny audio recorder and lav mic for better audio at times. That is the real challenge when working with a video camera without a mic input.

Since the water is very silty in these parts and difficult to filter, I decided to try out the Katadyn Micropur tablets. These worked incredibly well. They were fast to use, and didn't give the water a bad taste. I will be using these tables again on future trips because they are very lightweight.

My overall pack weight was just under 60lbs, which isn't bad given that was using my Ebony RW810 instead of the lightweight Ritter 8x10 that was destroyed on my winter trip. Next year when I return to this canyon, I will have an Intrepid 8x10 which should shave another 6lbs off my pack when you also take into consideration the use of a lighter tripod head.

Thanks as always for following along on my Journey!

Unbroken : Fuji Velvia 50 8x10 | Fujinon 600C | Ebony RW810 | 2 seconds @ f/45 | No Filters

Unbroken: Fuji Velvia 50 8x10 | Fujinon 600C | Ebony RW810 | 2 seconds @ f/45 | No Filters

This is the photo I shot on day 2 of my spring trip. It was only after naming the photo that I realized a greater significance to the title. I was drawn to this tree because of its imperfect nature, and its will to survive despite the greater half of it being splintered and falling to the ground. I came up with the title "Unbroken" because despite being shattered, the tree was still thriving. The title has a greater meaning in that this was the first photo taken with my "Unbroken" Ebony RW810 camera after a good friend repaired it for me after it had been heavily damaged on my winter trip to Death Valley.